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    hi Melissa,I am a new mom of a 2weeks old baby girl.Before my delivery itself I have been following your videos and really helped me in feeding matters.
    My concern is somewhat similar to the above video.My baby sleep round the clock and its a great deal for me to wake her up for feeding,first thing.
    In one feed she drinks from one breast exactly 5 min and falls asleep.then I used to wait 10 to 30 mins exhausted to make her feed from other breast.Then after long waiting and struggling to wake her up I drop it and allow her to sleep.but the thing which confusing me after this 5min feed her tummy seems to be full in does it mean this is enough for her????if so shall I need to feed her every hour ????plls pls help me with your valuable suggestion.

    Melissa Lawrence

    hello! 2 weeks is very very young. I hope you don’t need to feed every hour but it’s possible. Try to keep her awake until she is burped and rejection more food. You can try gently patting her or even changing her diaper — if this doesn’t work, you might be stuck feeling very frequently for now but as she gets bigger, she will stretch out and go longer in between feeds. Good luck!