Why Should I Buy a Changing Table?

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Hello, hello!  Welcome back to our Tuesday baby how-to video series in which I share all the tips and tricks that worked for me with my five kids.

Why Should I Buy a Changing Table?

So you’re busy putting together your baby’s nursery! Have you thought about whether or not a changing table is necessary? I think it is very important to have a changing table when organizing your nursery.  Read on and watch my video to find out why!

Do You Need A Changing Table?

I would say, absolutely! When you have a baby, you’ll be changing them A LOT!
Do you need a changing table

And you won’t want to be rushing around at 2 in the morning looking for those changing table essentials! With a changing table, organization is easy! You’ll have plenty of shelf and drawer space for diapers, creams, lotions, products, medicines, and other changing necessities right in arm’s reach. Also, with a changing table, you’ll be putting less strain on your back since it’s at the perfect height for you and your spouse! Watch my whole video for more on why a changing table is a perfect addition to any nursery!

Post-note, even though my youngest is now four, I still have the changing table in my daughter’s room for storage!  So this is an item that you might get more use out of than you think.

Would you recommend a changing table and why or why not?  Comment below!