Why I Put Baby in the Crib From Day One

Putting babies to sleep is always a hot topic among new parents, mostly because we are so exhausted.  Meanwhile, as new parents we like to have our babies close-by to know that they are ok and for convenience when it comes to frequent feedings.

Why I Put Baby in the Crib From Day One

Can a Newborn Sleep in a Crib?

Absolutely!  This was always my method. In this video, I set forth why I chose to put all my babies to sleep and nap in the crib from day one and explain why this worked for me.

Did you use the crib for your baby’s sleep?  Please comment below – I would love to hear from you!

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  • purplebeach

    If you had the baby sleep from day one in a bassinet next to your bed, how do you move them to their crib? What if the baby doesn’t fall asleep on their own? Mine shows signs of sleepy but fights it and gets super fussy. If I put him down he cries, and cries, and screams, I have let him go 10 minutes but then realize he is not calming down. He is only just 3 months old, but I really would like to get him to nap in his crib or his pack n play bassinet. Help!

    • I think you gradually have to get them accustomed — babies are so so smart, and they sure love being close to warm Mommy! I would try leaving him and see if he tires out and falls asleep, but this is a controversial issue as some parents don’t believe that babies should ever “cry it out.” I personally think that if you want baby to sleep on his own, the earlier you do this the better — that is what worked for my babies. I also think maybe he knows that if he cries you are coming in. Check with your doctor but maybe you can wait 15 and see if he tires and sleeps, the more he gets used to falling asleep on his own, the less he will cry. Also, is he sucking his thumb? Sometimes when babies self-soothe this is when they self-comfort and sleep better on their own!

  • Nelya

    So do you put baby in the crib in your room? Or is the crib in another room?

    • All my babies were right next to me in a small room right near our bedroom, I actually could hear them right through the wall or through the open door… if they were in my room, I could never get one ounce of sleep — where have you decided to put your baby?

  • Thanks Melissa, for asking good question. Actually i am also a mother and i love my babies, every time i want they just near about me, thats why I keep there baby crib in my room only. I have purchase best baby crib from amazon and get guidance from –