When to Use Diaper Cream

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When should you use diaper cream? This video will explain the uses of diaper creams and how to treat diaper rashes. There are a whole bunch of creams out there, but they all fall into two categories. One is similar to a Vaseline, the other would be a thicker, heavier white cream. Some examples of good diaper cream brands are Desitin, Balmex, and Triple Paste. This last one is pretty expensive but very effective at healing diaper rashes.

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Yeast Infection Diaper Rash Treatment

With girls, the diaper rash might actually be a yeast infection. Your doctor will recommend a blend of diaper rash cream and a female cream in this case. I found that it’s very effective if you use one type of cream, such as a thick white cream, and alternate it the next time with another type similar to a Vaseline. Always ask your doctor which they recommend, and of course, if your baby’s skin is no longer irritated by the baby diaper rash, you can forgo the cream altogether.

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