When to Stop Using the Changing Table

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Back with another video and some useful baby advice! A changing table is definitely a staple of every baby nursery. But there will come a day your baby will outgrow theirs… Today I’ll be discussing changing tables and when to stop using them!

When to Stop Using the Changing Table

Diaper Changing

Changing your baby’s diaper on the changing table helps to keep your whole life organized! You’ll have all her diapers, creams, and wipes all there within arm’s reach. changing tableHowever, your baby will grow bigger and bigger until he or she is just too big for the table. Stop using your changing table for changing your baby’s diaper when this happens. There might even be a changing table weight limit in the product manual, so make sure you obey this recommendation as well. Once you’ve stopped using your changing table, let your babysitter, mother, or mother-in-law know this so that you won’t be worrying about it when leaving your baby in someone else’s hands for the evening.

Anyone out there with some experience on this topic? When did you decide it was time to ditch the changing table? Comment below – I would love to hear from you!