When to Stop Swaddling Your Baby

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This is one of several videos I’ve made on swaddling your baby. I found swaddling to be a very important technique during my babies’ development. They were able to stay snug and warm and sleep for longer stints! However, there is a point in your baby’s life when he will reject the swaddle and break out of it. At that point, experts recommend that you stop swaddling because you do not want to take the risk of having loose blankets in your babies crib.  But not so fast mamas and papas!  I learned through my 5 babies that there was a way to keep swaddling for longer than I originally thought.  Keep watching to find out more!

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When to Stop Swaddling

When you notice that your baby is fighting to get out of the swaddle despite your best efforts, there are a few options you can try. First, you can fold a burp cloth lengthwise and wrap this around your baby’s upper arms to keep her from squirming and keep her arms from flailing, which many experts think can unsettle babies. I call this the double swaddle.  If the double swaddle doesn’t hold because your baby is trying to break free from that as well, wrap the blanket around your babies torso while leaving her arms out.  This arms-out double swaddle is a great transition for your baby because she can find her thumb or fingers now and self-soothe, while still feeling anchored and comfy in the swaddle. For more details on how to keep your baby swaddled for as long as possible, and for when to stop swaddling your baby, please watch my video!!

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