Poop Patrol: What’s in Baby’s Diaper?

Hello Mamas and Dads!

You’ll be shocked when you see the first stool of a newborn. It’s really not as cute as that baby’s face. In this video, I walk through the basics of newborn poop color and consistency!

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What’s in those Poopy Diapers?

I know, I know. You really don’t want to even think about your baby’s bowel movements. But this is a very important indicator that your baby is getting important nutrition and developing on track. Black stool in newborns will evolve to a lovely green color, and then will change to a mustard-yellow color. In addition to going through the stages of newborn stool, I will also tackle the topic of what your doctor will want to see when it comes to wet and poopy diapers. Fun, right? Keep watching for more!

How many wet and poopy diapers did you change over the first few weeks? Weigh in and we’ll see you had the most! Thanks for sharing!