What are the Best First Pair of Shoes for Baby?

Since hand-me-downs have kept me from needing to buy infant shoes for the past couple of years, I completely forgot about buying baby shoes until my friend and colleague Katie asked me this question: “What shoes should I buy for my 11-month-old daughter, who just started learning how to walk?”

What are the Best First Pair of Shoes for Baby?

First of all, this is such an exciting time for her! It’s always great to watch your baby reach these milestones. This is also Katie’s first baby, and she said she knows where to look but she doesn’t know exactly what to look for because there are just so many different brands and styles available on the market! Since I have five babies, I’ve gotten used to hand-me-downs, and I forgot how overwhelming it can be when you have so many options.

Why Soft-Sole Baby Shoes Are The Way To Go

When I was looking for the first pair of shoes for my baby, I searched for two key things: shoes that were easy to put on and shoes that had a soft, flexible sole. I made an effort to avoid shoes that had thin, tiny straps or little holes in them, as this may not be comfortable for the baby. When your baby first starts walking, they’re developing the sensation of walking and they are getting used to how it feels on their feet. Buying shoes with a hard sole can take that sensation away from them, so that’s why I found buying soft-sole baby shoes to be the best option.

One of my absolute favorite types of shoes are Robeez baby shoes. Robeez are extremely popular, and I’ve had them in my family for ages. These type of infant shoes are typically slippers that are worn inside the house, although I’ve seen many infants wearing them in public. The great thing about Robeez is that they go on easily and they stay on without much of a hassle!

For my two other favorite types of baby shoes, make sure you check out my video! I’m always looking for new baby clothes and products, so make sure you share your favorite baby shoe styles below.