UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat Review and Demo

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Hello my dear friends!  Well, my winter coat is on, my cowboy boots are back, my kids are kinda sorta get the hang of fall, and here at CloudMom we’re still going with our new pack of baby gear shows.  All is well.

Welcome back for another baby product review and demo!   We finished up our fall stroller series, and now we’re plunging into car seats.  I’ve always been a bit scared to do car seat review and demos because of the importance of absolutely safety when it comes to putting our children in cars.  My videos here are just intended as an introduction — please make sure to consult your product manual and make sure your car seat is perfectly installed.  This is an area in which we do have to be perfect!

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Well, no better place to start than with UPPAbaby’s first venture into the world of carseats, the MESA infant car seat.  UPPAbaby is such a popular stroller company which has developed a serious fan base.  So you can imagine folks were pretty excited when UPPAbaby decided to debut their first car seat, which is compatible with the UPPAbaby CRUZ and the UPPAbaby Vista.  I have to admit I was pretty impressed with the MESA.  Your baby will be sure to have a smooth, safe ride when sitting in this modern, functional seat and it’s a great car seat for a baby.  Read on for why!

UPPAbaby Mesa

One of the first things you’ll notice when you look at the Mesa is its sleek design. There is ample padding for your baby’s head and legs, and the seat comes with a safe but easy-to-use five-point harness system. It’s important to note that the top buckle in the harness should be at your baby’s armpit level for maximum safety.  UPPAbaby also has patented a system for making sure the seat is properly installed called the SMARTSECURE system, which I demonstrate in the video.

I also love how easy it is to use with the UPPAbaby Vista stroller. Just add the adaptors and wait for the clicking noise!  Meanwhile, with the CRUZ, no adapters are needed.  There are also MESA adaptors available for the Baby Jogger Summit XC stroller, for the Baby Jogger CitiMini, and for a variety of other strollers now on the market.  Note that with a newborn car seat, it should always be rear-facing on the stroller.  The MESA does come with an infant adaptor which can take your baby from 4-8 pounds, which will be helpful in the early weeks if you have a little one, as I did.

And here’s the real beauty: the MESA has a one-button, super easy release.  So with one hand, you can release your stroller from its base.  This is a huge improvement from the difficulty of releasing many car seats from their base, historically one of the trickiest things when it comes to car seats.

UPPAbaby Mesa Installation

To put your baby’s car seat in the car, you can use one of two methods. I first show you the latch install. UPPAbaby claims that the latch install only takes 10 seconds and that is indeed true.  This is super easy because the latches are conveniently tucked away on the side of the car seat. Push down to make sure that the seat is tightly secured on the seat of the car and can’t move more than 1 inch. With a seatbelt install, maneuver the seatbelt through the seat and make sure there is no slack on the seatbelt. To test that the seat is tight, also make sure here that you can’t move the seat more than 1 inch in any direction. For more safety tips and details on car seat compatibility, watch my demo video!

What infant car seat did you choose for your baby?  Comment below!

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UPPAbaby Mesa Specs:

Item Weight: 20 lbs.

Product Dimensions: 28 x 17 x 25 in.

Minimum Weight Recommendation: 4 lbs.

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 35 lbs.

Maximum Height Recommendation: 32 inches.

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