Trouble Feeding a 6 month old Baby

Amy from our Cloudmom community has written in asking who to go about feeding a 6 month old baby who is 6 month old rejecting solids.  According to Amy, her baby won’t eat anything and clamps her mouth shut!

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Solid Food for 6 Month Old

Normally, babies begin the process of eating solids when they are between 4 months old and 6 months old.  I have a video in which I discuss in detail when your baby will be ready for solids.  Feeding a 6 month old baby, however, is not always easy!  I had a lot of difficulty with my first baby, who didn’t want to eat until he was 7 months old.  In this video, I offer tips for Amy based on my own experience.

Did you struggle with this issue?  Or just wondering how to start solid food for baby?  Chime in below with tips for Amy and other moms!

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