Top 5 Solid Foods For Weaning Baby

Starting the journey from breastmilk or formula to solid foods is scary- you don’t want to do anything wrong that could deter baby from exploring and eating new things. Some babies may resist the transition, but eventually it will be time to introduce some new material in order for them to get the nutrients they need. Here are my top 5 first baby foods for weaning baby from milk to solids:

Top 5 Solid Foods For Weaning Baby

1. Avocado

All the rage from spreading it on toast to blending it into pudding, avocado is a favorite for everyone. Let baby be a part of the trend by introducing avocado as one of their first foods. High in healthy fats and smooth in texture, avocado is perfect for babies.


Just scoop out the flesh, mash it up a bit, and serve it up to baby on a spoon.The creamy texture is perfect, because it isn’t too much of a shift from milk, but still provides nutrients and exposure that will get their body on the way to a solid diet. If you want to spice things up a bit, add milk or yogurt to increase the creaminess. Don’t season the mixture, as foods high in salt and sugar are not a good idea for baby’s underdeveloped palate and digestive tract.

2. Iron-rich cereals

One of the most important nutrients to expose baby to, foods high in iron are a great first food. Iron is crucial to baby, as it helps their brain develop normally.

Iron-rich cereals

Now, I wasn’t quite ready to give my kids solid baby food like meat at the tender age of six months, so I opted for iron cereals, which you can find in most grocery stores in the baby aisle. The cereals come in really tiny pieces, which baby can pick up and explore with ease. Mix in some breast milk or formula for added nutrition, and serve this up to baby for an iron-rich, delicious first solid food.

3. Baked Apples

I make this for my family sometimes, adding cinnamon and a little bit of oil to the pan before baking. This could also be a great option for baby’s first solid food.


Chop up apples, removing the skin if you want, add a bit of oil to a pan, and bake them in the oven until soft. Wait for them to be slightly warm rather than hot, and then mash them up for baby. Fruits are always good solid foods for baby, but baked apples are great because they aren’t tough to chew like raw apples.

4. Egg Yolks

Yolk is everyone’s favorite part of the egg, because it’s fatty and delicious! Lucky for baby, these are two elements great for new eaters and developing digestive tracts.

Egg yolks

I like to prepare them by soft boiling the entire egg and then scooping out the yolk. I might mix in a little milk depending on the consistency of the yolk. Once baby gets used to the taste and texture, they will love all of the healthy fats and nutrients found in the yolk.

5. Sweet Potato/Yams

Aside from being deliciously nutritious, naturally sweet, and beautifully colorful, babies adore the texture and taste of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes or yams are high in vitamins A and C, great for baby’s development, as well as minerals like calcium and potassium.


I like to boil or bake the yams in the oven until soft and then puree or mash them up for baby. You can add some milk to thin it or baby cereal to thicken it for older babies. Yams are delicious and smooth, two things baby will appreciate in their first solid foods.


There are so many foods to choose from when weaning baby off of breastmilk or formula, but these five are my favorites because they are delicious and contain so many vitamins and minerals that feed baby’s development. The most important thing to remember when deciding which foods to introduce baby to first is that single-ingredient recipes are best. Combining too many flavors and ingredients could deter baby’s like of natural foods and make them crave artificial flavoring like salt and sugar. Thanks for reading, and let me know in the comments what foods you chose to expose baby to first, as well as any recipes that work well for you!