Top 5 Most Unique Cribs

Hey there, mamas! Buying a crib is perhaps the most important decision you make for baby, as they will spend hours upon hours in it. Of course, we want to make sure it’s comfortable and stable, and cute as well! I used the same crib for all five of my children because I loved it so much. However, if I had chosen to get a new one, I might have ventured into the world of unique and specialty cribs. There are so many cool models and designs of nursery furniture nowadays, so I thought I would share with you the top five most unique cribs on the market.

Top 5 Most Unique Cribs

1. Spot on Square Roh Crib

Rather than seeing the world through rails, the Roh Crib by Spot on Square gives baby a full view of the room around them. Two acrylic walls rest on the walnut frame, so baby can see clearly. The acrylic panels are partitioned into wide, thin bars so baby can stick their hands out and explore, while still protected by the barrier. I love this design, especially for modern homes. Giving baby a non-restricted view of their room may help them familiarize and feel less trapped, while also making the transition to a bar-less bed much easier. The acrylic crib walls are, of course, BPA free, 100% recyclable, and durable to avoid cracks and breakage. Check out the Roh Crib here.

Spot on Square Roh Crib

2. Tribeca 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

If you’re looking for a crib that will truly last through the years, the Tribeca 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is perfect for you. At a glance, it looks like any other chic, modern crib. But with a few small tweaks, this convertible crib can transform into a toddler bed, daybed, and full size bed! Not only will this crib grow with baby (literally), it can also turn your nursery into a guest room easily. The chic white and grey palate and interesting geometric shapes will give your nursery, and later child’s bedroom, a  modern touch that completes the room. I love the versatility of this crib, especially for such a reasonable price as far as cribs go. Of all the cribs on this list, the Tribeca 4-in-1 is by far the best budget-friendly option that is still beautiful and high quality. You can find this crib here.

Tribeca 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

3. Leander The Budding Superhero

Keeping with the theme of convertible cribs, The Budding Superhero by Leander is a modern yet traditional crib with smooth, beautiful lines. The crib comes in four different finishes, a rarity for crib designs, so you can find one that matches your color palette easily. The design incorporates lines of a round crib and rectangular crib, which looks beautiful in any nursery. Once baby is old enough to climb in and out of bed alone, you can remove the front wall to give them the freedom to do so. As time progresses and baby becomes more independent, you can remove both side walls to form a bed perfect for a toddler. There is even an extension kit to make the toddler bed longer if needed. When your child is too big for the crib, it can be converted into a daybed and used in their room or any other room of your home. This is truly a piece of furniture that is great for baby and will remain in your home forever. Take a look at Leander’s The Budding Superhero here.

Leander The Budding Superhero

4. Vetro Crib by Nursery Works

If I were to imagine a crib of the future, the Vetro Crib by Nursery Works would be it. Made entirely from 100% recyclable, non-toxic acrylic, this crib is the first of its kind to hit the market. This crib is completely hand-crafted and has three adjustable mattress sizes to last baby a long time. The chic, transparent shape will contribute a high-end touch to any nursery decor. On the downside, these cribs are limited edition due to the extreme amount of artistry needed to construct one. While you may not be able to get your hands on one easily, the Vetro Crib is still one of the most unique, modern and futuristic cribs on the market. Not to mention, it’s extremely beautiful and would be an asset to any nursery. Take a closer look at the Vetro Crib here.

Vetro Crib by Nursery Works

5. Whitney Brothers Space Saver Two Level Crib

While I can respect and acknowledge the space-saving benefits of a double crib like this one, I simply couldn’t imagine using it for my own children. For starters, the mattresses are small, so they would not last long for speedy-growing babies. Also, the bottom crib seems very claustrophobic and I would not constrict a baby to a closed space like that. I have never had a double crib before, so I suppose there are ways to prevent bottom baby from hitting their head or feeling boxed in. Regardless, this is one of the most unique ideas for a space-saving crib I have seen, so I thought it deserved a place on this list. You can find this crib here.

Whitney Brothers Space Saver Two Level Crib

With that, I conclude the list! Modern and unique cribs can be really beautiful and great for baby, but some of them might be a bit ahead of my time. I loved the crib I used for my kids because it was great quality and lasted almost a decade. Whichever crib you mamas decide to get for baby, make sure you love it and they are safe and secure sleeping inside. Thanks for reading, and let me know in the comments the craziest feature you have ever seen on a crib. Have a wonderful day, mamas!