Too Many Toys: My Easy Organization Tips!

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For those of you who regularly follow my vlog, you know I’m a neat freak. However, my kids’ toys still manage to overtake my house and I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle against hundreds of mismatched LEGOS! A recent article from Rookie Moms really got me thinking about how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned about how to organize toys!

Too Many Toys: My Easy Organization Tips!

Feeling Calmer As An Organized Mom

Having fewer toys means less stress for Mom! For me, I like to take inventory every once in a while of the toys lying around the house. Do my children really need thousands of LEGOS? Probably not. If there are any toys in my house that haven’t been used in a while, I talk to my kiddos and suggest donating them to children who are less fortunate than they are! Another trick that has really worked for me is rotating toys out and bringing them back a few months, thereby making them seem like new! It’s like Christmas in July for my kids!

For more tips on organizing kids’ toys in your home, watch my vlog!

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