Tips on Toddler and Baby Sharing a Room

Hi everyone. A mom wrote in asking about her kids of different ages and what I advise regarding sharing a room. I answer her in today’s new video.Tips on Baby and Toddler Sharing a RoomAs those of you who follow my site and videos know well, cosleeping was not for me. My husband and I both being light sleepers, we would awaken from the slightest breathing noise or cooing. The next day, we were both wrecks. With our baby’s room adjacent to our bedroom, we had the luxury of putting our babies down in their crib and feeding them there when they awoke during the night.

For many parents, figuring out the baby sleep arrangements when a toddler is in the picture becomes tricky. Babies tend to sleep throughout the day and get up during the night, and we worry about them waking up a toddler.

Baby and Toddler Sharing a Room

For this reason, I advise keeping everything that is required for feeding and changing the baby — even the nursing chair — outside the bedroom. That way, when your baby awakens, you can whisk her out and feed, burp and change her in peace in the living room. I also advise coordinating naps. Your baby can nap alone in the bedroom during the morning, and then you can try to coordinate the afternoon nap. Regarding nighttime, you might find that you choose to put your older child down first, feed you baby her last or second-to-last feeding, and then put your baby down second. It all takes a lot of thinking and finessing, but you will get there.Dear Parents, you are doing the best you can for your baby.For more tips on toddlers sharing a room with baby and the nitty gritty of our family’s experience, watch my video.

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