Tips on Reading to Babies

Hi everyone!  Today is a very special day at Cloudmom because we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite brands Highlights Magazine. My beloved Godfather offered me Highlights as a child, and I just loved the excitement of receiving it in the mail. I loved filming this video because reading has been a priority for me, but it hasn’t come easy. We all know that experts are telling us to start young and read, read, read, but how exactly do you make that happen?

Tips on Reading to Babies

Reading to your child

I’ve had to get very practical and realistic when it comes to reading. Here are several tips and tricks that have worked for me:

1. First, don’t even think you might actually finish the book. Oh, no no no. More likely is the scenario under which your child rapidly flips through the book, flings the book across the room, and then takes a nice big bite out of it. But what I’ve learned is that that’s ok.  As I explain in my video, the  important thing is that you are talking, using words, and having fun with your child.You want your kid to develop positive associations with reading. So if you’re reading to your child and they wander off, take a deep breath, keep reading, and all will be fine.

encouraging reading

2. Here’s another tip that’s really worked for me. Make sure the books for babies are flexible, durable and light, light enough to stuff into your purse or diaper bag when you’re on the go. This is one of the reasons I love Hello Magazine for babies aged 0-2 by Highlights. In Hello Magazine for babies, pages will invite your child to find a balloon, a rattle, Daddy, or Mommy – things that are part of your child’s everyday world. As your child grows able to find these things and articulate the words, they will gain confidence. Hello also gives you pointers from experts right there at the bottom of the page on what to ask your child so that your child is thinking and involved – super helpful for both parent and child!

Make sure to watch my video for several other tips when it comes to reading to babies.

Leave a comment telling us how you made reading to your child work!  Thanks for watching and happy reading!

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