Tips on Baby’s Nap Schedule

Hi there mamas and papas. Well, it’s Tuesday and on Tuesdays we here at CloudMom like to do how-tos and especially how-tos focused on babies. A viewer’s recent question regarding getting her baby to sleep in the crib caught my interest. This mom was asking how to establish a baby nap schedule and specifically how to put her baby down for a nap so as to maximize nap time. I give my thoughts in today’s new video.Tips on Baby's Nap ScheduleA fan of baby sleep schedules, I stuck to a military routine with my babies. I would keep close track of when they ate, give them playtime to wear them out, (!) and afterwards put them down to sleep in their cribs. When my babies napped, I emulated the night, with black-out shades drawn and no light entering the room. For my family, this normally meant long delicious naps during which mama could kick her feet up and get some stuff done. Due to these techniques, although my babies were generally well rested, they were not flexible nappers. They didn’t nap on the go, in the stroller, as we were out and about living our lives.

There really are two ways to approach naps: one, the “go-with-the-flow” route and the other, the strict, scheduled “nap in the crib and pretend it’s nighttime route.” I walk through the pros and cons of these different ways of organizing baby naps in the video.Tips on Baby's Nap ScheduleHope you like it. Thanks so much for reading and check back in next week for another video!