Survival Kit for Moms On The Go

With 5 kids in tow and attempting to maintain a romantic relationship (i.e. whispering in his ear about his AMAZING diaper skills) with my husband is not easy. And traveling with a newborn can bring its’ own joys to the road. Alas.  Because traveling is not a pure joy as a parent, I’ve shared a few travel items I’d recommend for going the distance with a new little explorer. Safe travels!

mom survival kit

 1.     Nappy Mat- Giraffe BCM-G / 2. Stokke® MyCarrier / 3. Honest Diapers / 4. Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard / 5. Infantino Fresh Squeezed

Nappy Mat: Although I’m a big advocate for Chux changing pads- which are disposable and easy to store- this Nappy Mat is a more modern option for your on-the-go changing pad. As a more eco-friendly alternative, this adorable mat comes in a variety of animal textiles. It’s functional with 2 layers of padding (cotton + recycled water proof PET) so extra comfy for changing your baby in tight spaces.

Stokke® MyCarrier:  This funky and practical carrier allows you to go about your travels hands and stroller-free and it will carry you from birth to toddler years.

Honest Diapers: Naked baby alert! Yes, there will be a point in every mom’s life that her little one goes streaking so why not add a little style to this bare bum moment with these super cute, eco-friendly diapers. Tuck a few into your travel bag and be prepared for the accidents ahead!

Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard: Working mom? Meet your new best friend. Before you start typing away on your new blog post, give your baby some playtime in this portable crib. Realistically, they’ll require most of your attention. It’s worth a try!

Infantino Fresh Squeezed: When you’re traveling with the kiddos, you’ll want to skip the whole notion of waiting for  food. You don’t want your baby to get cranky! Instead tote your own baby food in one of these squeeze pouches.  Also, don’t forget to pack a few small utensils and a wipeable bib.