Struggling to Give Away Baby Clothes

Hello Mamas!

So, I’ve been having a really hard time giving away my youngest daughter’s baby clothes — I think I’m so conflicted about parting with them because it makes me face the fact that this was in all likelihood my last baby.  But “CloudBaby” Marielle is now 21-months-old and her closet is overflowing with things that don’t fit!

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Giving Away Baby Clothes

As part of my plan to start giving away old baby clothes, I’ve started by compiling the old garments in a large plastic bin in our bedroom. Eventually, I will sort through the clothes again and give them the old “grandchild test” to see if they’re worth keeping for when my children have their own babies! I can’t even begin to think about that! I’ll probably look into donating them to other mothers who need the clothes. Are any of you Moms doing the same? Watch for more thoughts on the practicalities and emotions involved in giving away your last baby’s clothing!

Anyone have advice for me? Tell me in the comments below.

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