Spoon Feeding: When Do You Stop?

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Although she’s been feeding herself since she was two, at times my four-year old wants me to spoon feed her.  I try to resist because I certainly don’t want to have her regress, but I have to admit that sometimes when she is tired or we’re in a rush, I do give her a few spoonfuls or forkfuls to just get it in there, you know what I mean.

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I asked my doctor about this and he said, “no way, once the child is self-feeding, don’t go back,” so that is clearly the right advice!  I will say, though, that for any of my kids over six, they don’t ask for me to spoon feed them anymore so they don’t seem to have been too affected by those occasional late spoon feeds by Mommy that took place here and there!

When did your children begin self-feeding?  Do you spoon feed them sometimes when you should not?  Please share your stories below! 

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