Should I Wake a Sleeping Baby?

Hello everyone.  Melissa here, back with one of our Tuesday how to videos.  Today’s video tackles newborn sleep, answering a question from a viewer who asks about her baby’s sleep schedule.

Should I Wake a Sleeping Baby?

This viewer is interested to know, among other things, whether she should keep her baby awake at night or let her fall back to sleep after a feeding.  She also inquires about how much sleep a 2-4 month baby needs.  And she asks questions about naps and how to time them in terms of feedings that occur during the day.

Because I am obsessed with the topic of babies and sleep, I couldn’t wait to answer her questions!

Baby Sleep Schedule

Sister, as I explain in the video, what worked for me was to keep track of when my babies ate and slept.  If my baby awoke a 7am and her first feed occurred at that time, I did my best to keep her awake while making sure she was good and full.  If she fell asleep after the feeding, I did not wake her.  Rather, I placed her in her crib for a nap. If she awoke hungry again, even if it was before the 3 hours I was hoping for, I fed her again.  What I tried to do, though, was to ensure that my baby was AWAKE and FULL after each feeding.  This meant that over time my baby was awake for a lot of the day, because she was eating, and getting most of her food during the day, which translated into longer stints of sleep at night.  Love that.

Newborn sleep is no walk in the park and many mamas end up feeding on demand for the first two months.  This works for a lot of folks, but it did not for me.

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