Reducing Back Pain with Breastfeeding Cradle Hold

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Hello Mamas!

After five kids, I’ve done a lot of breastfeeding, but I was absolutely NOT a pro the first time!  While getting the hang of nursing and learning how to get a good latch, you’ll also need to experiment with a few different breastfeeding positioning techniques.

Reducing Back Pain with Breastfeeding Cradle Hold

There are so many different ways to hold a baby while nursing and you should definitely experiment to see which one works best for you.  Today’s little video offers some breastfeeding tips when it comes to positioning your baby to nurse in the cradle hold, with the hope of reducing back and breastfeeding pain!

Newborn Breastfeeding

In my other videos, I’ve shown you some recommended baby nursing positions according to the AAP and made some recommendations regarding stretches that can help loosen up your upper back.   Classic breastfeeding positions include the football hold for breastfeeding (often recommended for moms of twins) and the breastfeeding cradle hold, which I personally find works the best for me and which I am discussing in today’s video.  It’s good to remember to alter your hold and ease up pressure on your arms and upper and lower back. This will help prevent back pain while breastfeeding. For more on how to breastfeed and how to keep a healthy nursing posture, check out the rest of my video!

Any favorite breastfeeding positions for you and your little one? I would love to hear from you Moms out there!