Popkimom Baby Privacy Cover

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Hello moms. Being outside in the fresh air is great for babies but it comes with its challenges. With their sensitive skin, babies need protection from the sun, the wind, and from bug bites. Flexible and malleable enough to take on the shape of your stroller, car seat or baby carrier, the Baby Privacy Cover by Popkimom provides exactly the type of weather shield your baby needs.weather shield for stroller

Then, it doubles as a as a generous cover for mom while breastfeeding and as a fashionable scarf. Now, that’s what I call a multi-purpose baby product!

Weather Shield and Breastfeeding Coverprotective weather shield for car seatbreastfeeding cover for mom

Made of a high-quality rayon blend that’s lightweight, breathable, soft and stretchy, this cover will take you from the newborn stage onwards. Its unisex design is great for boys and girls, moms and dads.weather shield for infant car seatpretty scarf for new momsPopkimom is currently offering its Baby Privacy Cover alongside a Mosquito Net also designed to fit snug and secure on strollers, carriers, car seats, cradles and most cribs. Check out this awesome 2-in-1 package here. While the privacy cover has been tested to be safe according to U.S. standards, the net is specially treated to be repellent to mosquitoes and other crawling and flying insects.infant cover that protects against bug bites

Popkimom weather shield and breastfeeding cover

With its own carrying case included, this package provides a lot of peace of mind for adventurous parents. If you are a new parent, don’t miss out on this wonderful product! It makes a great gift too! Popkimom is even offering CloudMom readers a special discount: get 50% off their infant privacy cover here!weather shield for stroller and cover for breastfeeding in public

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