Play and Learn with Wee Giggles

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Once your baby shows signs of mobility, you find yourself caught in a bind. Your little one is craving freedom: pushing to crawl, sit up and eventually walk. This growth delights us yet freaks us out since suddenly, every spot in the house poses a threat. crawling babyLook there at the coffee table with its sharp corners and coasters just waiting to be chewed. And over there on that bookshelf where heavy picture frames loom over little toes. And don’t ignore the bottom drawers of the kitchen cupboards which house all sorts of alluring heavy and sharp objects. It’s all enough to make any parent panic.

Play and Learn with Wee Giggles

A Safe Place to Play and Learn

For just this reason — to give babies a safe, contained place to grow and learn — play mats were invented. Yet with all due respect, as a former owner of quite a few versions of these playmats, I’m the first to confess that many are ill-conceived. First, they often are too small to give a baby any good-sized area in which to move. Second, they often are too cushy to allow for decent play time with blocks and other manipulatives. Finally, they’re difficult to clean. Does anyone really want to put a play mat into the washing machine?play and learn safely

Wee Giggles Foam Play Mat resolves many of these issues, offering a funky, safe play area for your babies and kids to grow from tummy time age to crawling and eventually independent play time. Check out some of the great features of these mats:

1. They’re safe and non-toxic, tested to comply with US standards, and free from BPA, latex and formaldehyde.
2. They harbor no small pieces which could pose a choking hazard, and are extra thick to prevent bumps and bruises from falls.playmat for tummy time age
3. Their visual impact and contrasting colors provide visual stimulation to your baby, enhancing your home decor to boot!
4. They’re great for tummy time, sitting babies and early crawlers. The mat’s sides can be lifted to an upright position, creating soft walls to contain toys, keep pets out and give babies a visual edge. Sets can be bought in multiples to expand spaces. Older children can use the mats as their own stage or setting for creative play.
5. They encourage early development of fine and gross motor skills, eye hand coordination, reasoning and visual sensory development.

play area for crawling baby So that’s enough to make Wee Giggles the perfect baby shower or new mom gift. Or if you’re past the gift asking stage, to be your next baby product investment. Remember, happy baby = happy parent. And safe baby = parent who can relax.

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