What to Pack When Pumping on the Go

Hello Mamas!

When you’re nursing and have to pump while away from the baby, make sure you spend some time organizing your breast feeding supplies and carefully packing your nursing bags and totes. Today’s video is all about the breast pumping equipment you’ll need to make pumping away from home much easier! Keep watching my “what to pack when pumping on the go” video to find out more!

breastfeeding supplies

Breast Pump Backpack

This is such a lifesaver when it comes to pumping on-the-go! Everything, including your breast pump, a freezer for bottles, tubing, your charging pack, and burp cloth all can fit nicely in the backpack. It is so discreet; people won’t even know it’s holding all of your breastfeeding equipment! For more breast pumping packing tips, keep watching!

What do you put in your bag when it comes to pumping on-the-go? Please add your comments below – I would love to hear them!