How to Pack a Lightweight Breast Pump Carrying Bag

Hello fellow mothers!

So you’ve gotten your breast pump and are ready to bring it on-the-go with you! However, with all of that breast pumping equipment, you’ve ended up with a pretty heavy breast pump carrying bag. In this video, I’ll walk through how you can pack an even lighter breast pump tote!

How to Pack a Lightweight Breast Pump Carrying Bag

Breast Pumping Tips for On-the-Go

It actually took me a while to realize that I didn’t need all of the things I was carting around with me. For me, especially if I knew I was going to be pumping only once, I learned which essential items I needed to pump on-the-go and which things I could leave at home. One or two hospital baby blankets or burp cloths were essential, as was my Easy Expressions bra – could not leave home without it! But I definitely did not need 6 bottles, the wall outlet, and other heavy things! Learn from my mistakes by watching my short video!

Which pumping or breastfeeding accessories did you HAVE to have and which could you have left behind? Please share in the comments below!