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Hi there my dear mamas and papas. Back on a how-to Tuesday here at Cloudmom and we’re talkin’ babies’ body and skin care. How do you keep those little ones fresh and clean while using all the right stuff. And then what do you use when it comes to your older kiddos?
When my first baby was born organic baby products were not so commonplace. Most of my mommy friends used conventional diapers. We bought the same baby food brands we ourselves had eaten as babies. And when it came to baby washes, creams and diaper ointments, we went with what we found on the pharmacy shelf without giving it much thought. Only with Marielle did I begin to discover a few new-to-market organic nipple creams to use while breastfeeding. As my babies have grown into young kids (with the oldest being a pre-teen!), though, our family has increasingly turned to organic foods, organic household cleaning products, and most certainly organic bath and body products for ourselves and our kids.
you-know-youre-a-new-parent-when-you-spend-days-researching-what-the-best-products-for-your-baby-are-f9108Yet there’s a lot of mystery to that word organic. Even though a product might have the word organic stamped on it, you still don’t really know that it’s free of dangerous chemicals, nor whether it’s paraben-free, non-GMO, fragrance & perfume free, non toxic, and cruelty free.  Yup.  There’s a lot to think about when it comes to what we put on our little ones bodies and not just anything is going to leave your mommy conscience clean and clear.
Enter Era Organics. This fabulous organic body and hair care company makes a whole line of organic products for babies, kids and adults that feed your skin and hair all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more they need to look and feel their best. Made with organic, food-grade ingredients, Era Organics’ products will keep your babies, toddlers and kids bottoms, skin and hair moisturized, nourished, and healthy. Their baby products are 100% natural and organic, containing no toxins, parabens, SLS, alcohol, mineral oil, petrolatum or other skin damaging ingredients.

We’re so excited to be partnering with Era Organics to provide their entire line of baby products to one lucky winner! Enter below!

I tried these natural products on my two little lovelies and here’s the result. Marielle often suffers form eczema on her face. Hydrocortisone gets in her mouth and she can’t stand the taste, and Aquaphor does not do the trick. After a night with the Healing Balm coated around her mouth, all the signs of dryness and redness had disappeared.
Since her hair is fine, I’m careful with it. The Era Organics Shampoo, containing ingredients such as Argan Oil, Manuka honey, and Aloe Vera, left it feeling silky, smooth and nourished.
Annaliese likewise has sensitive skin and suffers from an allergy to bug bites. The Healing Balm soothed one of these bites. The wash did not dry her skin and like her sister, she loved the shampoo which left her hair tangle-free and easy to braid!

Getting the girls to pose for this pics after bath-time was no problem at all given how fresh, clean and happy (and giddy!) they felt!great-organic-products-for-kidsWhen you feel good, smiles and laughter come easily!great-natural-products-for-kids**Era Organics also gave us a special discount code exclusively for CloudMom readers! Use code “CLDMOM25” at checkout at their Amazon store for 25% off your purchase!**

 Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to enter this terrific giveaway below!

Love always,

Melissa XX

Era Organics Giveaway


Prize(s): Over $200 worth of Era Organics products including:

  • Baby Lotion: a great product for all ages
  • Diaper Balm: a diaper rich cream
  • Baby Powder: made with arrowroot power, for men, women, kids and infants
  • Baby Wash: a perfectly balanced cleanser that won’t strip away vital nutrients and oils from the skin
  • Belly Oil: for during and after pregnancy, prevents stretch makes
  • Healing Balm: great for baby eczema, cradle cap, chapped noses, hives and rashes
  • Mommy Balm: certified organic nursing cream
  • 8oz Shampoo and Conditioner set


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Era Organics Giveaway

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