One Baby Product You Need

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Hello, CloudParents!  Melissa here back with one of our Tuesday how-to videos.  Thanks for watching.

One Baby Product You Need

In today’s short clip, I talk about how much I depended on my baby bouncer seat for all five of my babies.  I definitely think it’s one of the baby products you need.  If in doubt, read on and watch for why:

Entertaining Baby in a Bouncer Seat

Personally, I’ve found the bouncer seat to be very useful after I had fed my baby, once she was burped and ready to go. While she was still wide awake, I placed her in this stimulating environment so that we could both have a little independence.  It gave her the chance to look around, and me some free moments to clean up, write emails, complete other small tasks around the house, and focus on my other kids.

baby in bouncer seat

When my baby would start to doze off, though, I would try to quickly shift her in the crib and swaddle her so that she would nap there.

mom with baby in bouncer seat

I would absolutely recommend a bouncer seat if you’re looking for products which promote infant play time.  These bouncer seats also are perfect for soothing a baby who needs stimulation.

Do you have a bouncer seat at home? What do you enjoy most about it? Please comment below – I would love to hear what you have to say!