Breastfeeding Leaking Issues

Get a list of what to buy.

Hello Mamas!

This is something not everyone tells you before you have a baby: if you are breastfeeding, prepare for having breast milk everywhere! You will have leaking breasts around the clock, including while nursing, so it’s definitely wise to invest in nursing pads! This video will give you all the information you need on these wonderful pads!

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Breastfeeding Products

From disposable nursing pads to reusable breast pads, there are many on the market to choose from! Some options for nursing pads include the Lansinoh and the Madela. They have sticky tape on one side and fit nicely into your bra. The Simplisse is very pretty. I love the flower shape. Bamboobies (love the name!) have a super soft nursing pad in a heart shape. These are all great options; it really depends on your own preference!

How did you deal with this and other breastfeeding problems? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!