Newborn Swimming: When and Why?

Hi mamas!  Well, summer’s over but if you have a new baby, you’re probably still wondering when to start swimming lessons.  In  today’s vlog, I talk about why introducing your baby to swimming early on is a great idea.

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Lenny Krayzelburg Weighs In

Lenny Krayzelburg a four-time Olympic gold medalist in swimming, contributed his thoughts to today’s vlog.  Lenny – we are thrilled to have your expertise up on CloudMom!  Lenny discusses the benefits of swimming for babies and why pool safety for kids is so important.

Speaking from personal experience, I have to say that the more I introduced my babies to the water and the earlier I did this, the more comfortable they were swimming.  One of my oldest children started quite late and he now loves swimming but at around 4-6 years of age he wouldn’t go in the water as eagerly as his siblings. Meanwhile, my girls who have been in the water since they were a few months old don’t want to get OUT of the water.

Watch my vlog for more on why you should consider starting swimming lessons early for your little ones. 

When did you start swimming lessons for your baby?  Weigh in below!