Mom Guilt – Having a Second Child

Hello Mamas!

Today’s vlog is about welcoming a new addition to the family! When they think about having a second child, many moms already experience “mom guilt”! Not good! I did another video on this subject where I gave British pop star Lily Allen some advice on having another baby close in age. Keep watching here for more information and how to avoid feeling guilty with a second child!

Mom Guilt – Having a Second Child

Second Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant with your second child, don’t think about a new baby as taking something AWAY from your child, nor as something bad you are doing to your child – which is what I fell into. Think of it as giving your child a new friend they will have for the rest of their lives! And, if nothing else, you can think of it as having several people you will be able to count on one day when you’re older and need a caretaker. In this video, I offer tips on preparing your child for a new baby based on my own experience.

If you have any other tips or want to share your own experience regarding a new addition to the family, please comment below!

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  • Nicole

    “The person who most benefits from this baby is the older sibling for the rest of his life.” Genius! So true and that does help me feel a little less guilty!

  • Jaime

    Thank you for this! I have been struggling with mom-guilt for weeks and found this video to be some of the most supportive words I have heard recently!!

  • NM

    Just want to say thank you so much for this video. My babies are 13 months apart – and unplanned. And I have SO much guilt over it!
    I cried at the end part lol… We are on day 4 of second baby’s entrance to the world. I feel like te worst parent ever! This helps a lot!