Must-Haves for Baby: The Hospital Burp Cloth

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So, if you’ve been following my videos, you’re probably sick of me talking about my hospital burp cloth all the time!  I’m obsessed!  It’s without a doubt the most useful item I’ve had for caring for my babies.  This terrific burping cloth plus swaddling blanket really can do it all.  Although I’ve talked about the hospital burp cloth a lot in the past, since we do have an ongoing love affair — ha ha — I decided to film another little video laying out just way I think this this is such a new mom must-have!  Read on and watch my video for details.

Burping: Hospital burp cloths are nice, soft and absorbent.  You can drape one over your shoulder when you’re burping your baby. They deflect your baby’s burps and rarely let them seep through onto you.  Plus, they’re large enough to cover up your clothes so you’ll never have to worry about getting spit up on all the way down your back and sleeves again!  This really cuts down on laundry, which is key for new moms.

Nursing: Like to guard your privacy when nursing in public?   Because they are long and wide, hospital burp cloths can serve as mini-tents, giving you a nice big area underneath in which to breastfeed your baby when you’re on-the-go.

Swaddling: Swaddling is a great way to keep your baby feeling settled in the crib during the early months.   You can swaddle a young baby with his arms in or with his arms out so as to allow him to self-soothe by sucking his thumb.  Down the line, you can double swaddle by employing a second hospital burp cloth.  You see, the hospital burp cloth

You know you're a new parent when... you become a human burp cloth and have mysterious stains on your clothing.

This is the best burp cloth! Hope you enjoyed my video on this essential baby item. Make sure you ask for as many as you can from the hospital before leaving! It’s a must-have for baby!

If you have a growing mountain of hospital burp cloths in your house (like I do!), let me know! What are your favorite uses for these amazing baby cloths? Share below!