Mom Guilt: How to NOT Feel It at the Kids’ Bedtime

Hello, hello!

There’s no end to the mom guilt, is there?

I read a beautiful piece from Rebecca Wolf on her blog Girls Gone Child about how torn she feels between her two 10-month-old twins. I can totally relate — having more than one child, (5 to be exact!), I often feel that way with my kids, and bedtime is the worst. Right, moms?Mom Guilt: How to NOT Feel It at the Kids' Bedtime

Parents Playing Favorites

It’s really hard NOT to play favorites when it comes to the kids’ bedtime! You easily get sucked into doing something with one of your kids, maybe the youngest who needs the most attention, and before you know it, a lot of time has elapsed and it’s time to get everyone in bed! I tend to get stressed at bedtime because I find it frustrating that I can’t be everywhere at one.

Today’s vlog is about the strategy I’ve cooked up to try to make bedtime work and be fair among the kids. To start, I try to devote a lot of time to one or two children a night, and then rotate each night. Another thing I’ve been finding is that if one child needs more attention than the others, it works better when I involve the others and make them feel special, needed, and a part of things. For instance, I may make one of the middle children fetch a cup of water for the younger brother or sister, or help tuck them in bed! For more on how I’m trying to handle bedtime and balance my time between my kids, watch today’s vlog!

Even if you don’t have lots of children, it can be hard to give them as much of your undivided attention as they seem to want. How does bedtime play out in your house? What are your coping strategies? Comment below or Tweet me @CloudMom! 

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