Longer Naps for Baby: Handling 45 Minute Naps

Baby sleep patterns are a challenge for exhausted parents! First time mom Yohanna emailed me asking for baby nap tips for her 3-month-old infant who only naps for 45 minutes. This is such a common question, Yohanna! This time at the end of the newborn phase can be really challenging as you try to establish a routine. Here are my tricks to make longer naps for baby a reality.

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Baby Nap Tips

A baby waking up after 45 minutes is very common — some people have actually dubbed this phenomenon “the 45 minute intruder.” My sleep solutions for babies who don’t nap for long enough include examining your whole feeding and sleeping schedule, letting baby self-soothe and keeping the nursery very dark for naps and at night.

Do you have any baby nap tips to share?  Post your comment below!

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