Leaving Baby For First Time

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I’ve had a lot of moms ask me about leaving your baby: when is it ok, when not.  This is a personal choice, clearly, and depends on the mom!

leaving your baby

The Mommyish Storm

When the blogger Mommyish said last year that she was leaving her ten week old baby to vacation in Mexico with her husband, many moms went WILD.

In this vlog I talk about this sensitive issue and discuss some helpful thoughts from Dr. Jennifer Ashton on this issue.  She did a GMA interview during the Mommyish controversy.   I also talk about how to think about leaving your baby if you are breast feeding your baby, because that does change things!

Moms, weigh in, when would you leave your baby if at all?? 

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  • Linda

    That’s a very interesting topic! My baby is 9 weeks old and my mother-in-law’s been talking about me and my husband going out for the night… We struggled with breast feeding for the first two weeks after her birth, so I had to supplement with formula and later with breast milk from a bottle. My daughter has been exclusively breastfed ever since we overcame all those issues we had, to my relief and joy. Now, I would love to have a date night with my husband 🙂 but I really don’t want my baby to drink from a bottle just because I want to have a bit of fun outside of the house. Am I just too attached to her? 🙂 I would love to hear some opinions on that. I was thinking that maybe when she is three months old I can leave her for an evening with her grandparents. But I honestly don’t know. I just want to take her with me so that she can have my breast whenever she gets hungry. Looking forward to reading other posts!

    • HI Linda — thanks for sharing — did your doctor say to steer clear of the bottle entirely for a while? I wonder if whether at a certain point you can begin doing just a few bottles here and there once the breastfeeding is established. If you know that this will not upset the breastfeeding, then I think you will be able to have date night in peace!! xoxo M