Is My 4 Month Old Baby Getting Enough Milk?

A mom wrote in asking about her 4 month old breastfeeding baby, concerned that she is not eating enough. The mom explains that she has been feeding on demand, and that on certain days her child seems to have lost interest in breastfeeding.

Is My 4 Month Old Baby Getting Enough Milk?

Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?

If you’re doing scheduled feedings and interested in how often a 4 month old should nurse, check out my breastfeeding schedule here. This mom, however, is feeding on demand, which poses another challenge. When you feed on demand, it can be difficult to know how much milk the baby is getting because the baby might take smaller or larger meals at different times. Contrast this with bottle feeding where you can literally see how much milk your baby has consumed.

The mom says that her baby’s growth is on track and that she has met her developmental milestones. Check with your doctor of course, but mine said that this really was the key. As long as your baby is growing on track, you don’t need to worry. Babies are smart and they know when they need to eat.breastfeeding baby

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