Preparing Children For New Baby

Hello, hello!

First I would like to say a big “Congratulations!” on your new baby! This is such a happy time for you and your spouse. However, it could also be a difficult time for their new siblings. No matter what the age gap, there’s bound to be some tension when you bring another baby home. Watch this video and learn how to prepare children for new baby!

Preparing Children For New Baby

Introducing Children to their New Sibling

Preparing children for a new baby sibling is not the easiest thing to do!  The baby will bring a big change in their lives, and they might be nervous about it.  Once the baby’s come, you might feel you need to become an expert in how to deal with sibling rivalry!  Even the happiest of kids can get very upset when their little world changes drastically.  Keep watching as I share my tips on this really important issue based on having gone through this four times now!

Worried about preparing children for new baby?  Have ideas?  Share with me and other moms by commenting below!