Infant Sleep: Is the Pack ‘N Play Enough?

An expecting couple wrote in asking about baby sleep solutions, wondering in particular what sort of crib they should add to their baby registry must haves. I answer in today’s new video.

How to Put Baby to SleepInfant Sleep: Is the Pack 'N Play Enough?

Parents harbor a wide range of views and preferences when it comes to infant sleep. Whereas some prefer to keep baby close and co-sleep, others (such as me) opt for the crib from day 1. For keeping baby safe and close, the pack ‘n play is a super option. You can have your baby in the pack ‘n play in the bedroom, in the living room while you clean or work, or even in the kitchen. Once you figure out how to set it up, you can take the pack ‘n play with you on weekends home to visit your parents or away for small vacations. It’s light, flexible and a great solution for naps or nights away from home.pack n play baby cribWhen it comes to the question “can the pack ‘n play be my permanent crib” I defer to your doctor! Ask her or him, and report back letting me know what the verdict is … I’m curious!

Whoever said you can't buy happiness has never gone shopping for a baby.

My husband and I invested in a good quality, solid, wooden crib in which we put all of our five babies from the day they came home from the hospital. Our babies napped in the crib and eventually slept through the night in the crib. I installed blackout shades (room darkening shades) in the baby’s room to increase the likelihood of a long night’s sleep, and these worked well for me.

So that’s my two cents when it comes to what to invest in when it comes to your newborn’s crib. Hope this helped. Please come back to me with any questions as I’m delighted to try and answer them as best I can.