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When it comes to baby gear, baby car seat carriers are one of the most versatile and useful products out there. With one of these, you might be able to delay purchasing a stroller for a few months so you can spend more time deciding exactly which type of stroller you want to invest in. Make sure your baby car seat carrier is compatible with your car seat; in most cases, it will be, which is another great thing about these infant car seat carriers. Watch as I show you how to easily collapse the baby stroller frame or universal stroller frame as it is sometimes referred to in order to get your infant car seat situated quickly!

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The stroller frame used in this video is the Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat Carrier Stroller Frame and is a model I’ve had since Hedley was born in 2004. I loved it, especially for getting in and out of the car and for travel. Car seat stroller frames are such a practical choice for new parents.  Happy strolling!

Did you use a baby stroller frame for your infant car seat?  Please share your experience below!

You can find the Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat Carrier for $119.89 at Amazon.

Graco is also selling the newer SnugRider Elite for $87.99 for which I have a video review coming out soon!  Stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, you can find it at:

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  • Christine Johnson

    I was given a used car seat carrier stroller frame by a friend and it is the only stroller we have had and used for 7 months. I love that it is so lightweight! But now that my baby weighs 20+ lbs, moving her car seat on and off of it is getting harder!

  • Lori S

    I bought a travel system but wish I had bought one of these instead. The stroller that the car seat carrier came with is VERY heavy. At the time, it seemed like a simpler way to buy everything I’d need and I thought I’d enjoy using it when my first-born was old enough to graduate to the stroller, but I really didn’t like how heavy it was and difficult it was to get into the back of the SUV. I ended up buying a second, much lighter stroller to use instead.

  • Amanda Carney

    I was very happy with my travel system. we’re now using it for our second child and it’s perfect! if I want to leave the baby in the car seat, I can. and if not, then I don’t have a separate stroller to carry around.