How to Swaddle Your Baby

Hello fellow parents!

Over the course of five babies, I relied heavily on a nice, tight swaddle during the early months. Swaddling babies is a science and an art. For more on the benefits of swaddling and how to swaddle your baby, keep watching!

How to Swaddle Your Baby

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Swaddling Your Baby

I swaddled my first with his arms in until about 5 months, poor thing! I transitioned my other babies from an arms-in swaddle to an arms-out swaddle a little sooner. To get these swaddling positions just right, you’ll need a lot of practice! Hang in there! It’s important to remember to keep the blanket nice and tight so that your little one can’t escape, which ensures the swaddle is safe. For more on swaddling your little one, keep watching!

In your view, should newborns be swaddled to sleep longer and better? What are your swaddling techniques? Please weigh in and thanks for watching!