How To Start Bottle Feeding A 6 Month Old Baby

Hello hello!  I’m on kind of roll — ha ha — when it comes to getting amazing questions from our YouTube viewers, so for the next few weeks, that’s what happening in the vlogs.  Today, I’m responding to Guryain Sharma, who asks: “how can I start bottle feeding my 6 month old?”  Well Guryain, as you’ll see in today’s video, I have quite a bit to say on this topic because with two of my babies, I did wait until around this age to start bottle feeding with breast milk and it was no picnic!

When did you introduce the bottle to your baby?

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For breastfeeding moms, when to start bottle feeding is a HUGE issue.  Doctors advise against starting to introduce the bottle too early for fear of nipple confusion.  Meanwhile, if you wait too long to introduce a bottle, babies can flat out reject the bottle and getting them to accept it is an arduous process.

How to Start Bottle Feeding

Having gone through this twice, I give advice about how to get a 6 month old baby used to feeding from the breast onto the bottle in today’s vlog.

Number one, experiment and find the best bottle for you.  Here’s a bottle buying guide I filmed a while back. Since then, there are even more options on the market.  You might want to go for the nipple that most closely imitates the breast.  If you can afford it, buy a few and try them out.

Number two, have someone other than you – Madame “the breast” – give the bottle.  Leave the house.  If the baby knows you are there, he will figure out that he can scream his head off and that you will feel sorry for him and offer up that nice lovely breast!  Babies are so so smart.

For some other tips about how to prepare the milk and fight the fight without giving into your baby, watch my video.

Hang in there if you’re dealing with this issue, and thanks for watching!