How to Screen for Developmental Delays

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Hello everyone. As soon as we become parents, we pay close attention to the stages of our babies’ development. We celebrate when our babies turn over, suck their thumbs, smile, babble, and then cruise, crawl, walk, talk and all the rest. Doctors advise that we parents schedule frequent check-ups to make sure our babies are developing on track. Yet for we parents, these doctors appointments don’t take the anxiety out of the equation since they don’t happen as often as we would like. Meanwhile, 1 out of every 6 children faces developmental problems, meaning that all the stages I’ve just listed don’t always happen when expected. Early intervention to battle such challenges equals better outcomes for kids. So it behooves us parents to find a way to stay focused on our babies’ development and to ensure that our doctors remain informed, as well.

Read on to learn more about BabyNoggin and enter our $50 Amazon gift card giveaway below!How to Screen for Developmental DelaysToday I’m thrilled to introduce to all of you one of the best baby apps for for tracking developmental milestones to have hit the market: BabyNoggin. The BabyNoggin app was developed to give parents peace of mind, but also for early intervention. Employing recommended screening tools by the American Academy of Pediatrics, BabyNoggin helps you keep close track of how your baby is developing.How to Screen for Developmental DelaysIt also shares your baby’s information with your doctor so that she can stay up to speed on your baby’s development.
How to Screen for Developmental DelaysThe BabyNoggin app does a screening every 2 months over 6 general categories — language development, social & emotional awareness, motor skills, muscle development, self-help and understanding others. It only takes about a minute to screen and all the content is validated by developmental experts. It’s a super quick way to get an assessment on how your baby is developing.

Don’t miss this easy-to-use opportunity to keep track of your baby’s development. Doing the best for your child brings the greatest peace of mind.

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