How to Put On Your Baby’s Hat

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Aside from being so darn cute, baby hats are crucial since with newborns, since you’ll want to make sure to keep your baby’s little head nice and warm. When it comes to what baby hats to choose, look for stretchy, cotton hats that are nicely fitted to your baby’s head.  These baby hats will prove useful in both winter and summer months, especially if you have air conditioning!  My favorite baby hats are the infant hospital hats I received when my babies were first born.  Stretchy and tight, they stay on!  I found that they can stay on a baby’s head, even over night, for up to a month or two!

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Since I struggled with putting on my baby’s hat, I decided to film this little video on how to do it.  Don’t laugh if you think this is a small issue!  For some of us, everything baby was a challenge.  To put your baby’s hat on, first, slip your fingers into the inside of the hat and stretch it out. Approach your baby, and, starting with the forehead, slip the hat onto your baby’s head by cradling the head and placing the hat over.  Make sure your baby’s head and neck are supported as you do this. Cover her ears, and voila! You’ve put on your baby’s hat!  Dressing your baby can be difficult if they are on the squirmy side, so be patient!

Aren’t you just in love with those cute little baby hats? Do you switch up the designs to fit the season? Describe your favorite baby hat in the comments below!