How to Pump Breast Milk at Work

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If you are a new mom returning to work after your maternity leave, the prospect of pumping breast milk at the office can be daunting. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out the “how and when” of how to pump breast milk at work. You’ll want privacy, the right breast pumping equipment, and a good amount of storage. That means, getting away from the co-workers, taking those soda cans and old lunches out of the fridge, and finding a few minutes to spare in your busy work schedule! Easier said than done. Keep watching as I walk through everything breastfeeding breast feeding working moms (outside of the home) need to know to successfully pump breast milk at the office away from baby!

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Breast pumping at work

Personally, I was so traumatized by this whole process with my first baby and gives me anxiety just thinking about it! Hang in there, Mamas! Aside from staying hydrated and eating nourishing foods with plenty of protein and other nutrients, you’ll need to GET ORGANIZED in order to pump at work. I hope the breast pumping tips I’ve presented in this little video have helped!

Moms who have been through this, what are your pumping-at-work tips? Please share below!

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  • Walkersmom

    Good one here, I just recently went back to work this week and pumped for my first time, 21 oz in a 12 hr period! woohoo! but i need one of those pump bras, where have you found them? i dont want to spend 30 dollars on it… thx!

  • Robyn

    I purchased my pump bra from FSA Store online. This is a great way to use remaining flex spending dollars. They sell the medela pump bras in a variety of sizes.
    Melissa- thanks so much for all of your tips!