How to Prevent and Treat Sore Nipples

Hello mamas.  So you’re probably running around crazy right now putting things into place for the holidays.  I know I am.  Tomorrow is the kids Holiday Concert and a gathering in Annaliese’s class.  We’re still baking, and scouting for stocking stuffers, and trying to start to talk about the meaning of Christmas.

But for any mother out there who has just ventured into the world of breastfeeding, and whose baby has a strong suck (as little babies do), the external pressures of the holidays likely don’t compare to the pressure being exerted on her breasts.  Babies suck so so hard and when your nipples aren’t used to it, this can cause cracked or bleeding nipples, which hurts like the Dickens.  The pain can be so excruciating that some moms to throw in the towel and stop nursing entirely!

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How To Treat Sore Nipples

With sore nipples being such a huge issue for nursing moms, I am always on the lookout for good home remedies for sore nipples, so my ears popped up when a viewer wrote in on YouTube with what she recommends.

This smart mama recommends treating nipple pain by generous amounts of lanolin cream at the right time and in the right places, allowing breasts to dry, and turning to pumping to allow sore breasts to heal.  For the play by play of what she recommends and why it works, watch my video.

How did you handle sore nipples?  Comment below and thanks for watching CloudMom.

xo Melissa