How to Give Your Baby a Bath

Hello fellow parents!

Once your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, you can begin giving your baby a bath in an infant bathing tub! Watch for more details and my step-by-step guide to baby bath time!

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Bathing Your Baby

Step number 1 (as was the case with the infant sponge bath) is getting everything you need on hand and set up in the proper place so that when you are bathing your baby, everything is within arm’s reach. You NEVER want to leave your baby unattended in the water, let alone turn your back even for a second!

For bathing my infants, I relied on an infant bathing tub which you fill with just a bit of water and which gives your baby a cozy area for the bath. I put a towel down into the tub and have another close by for driving. For more details and information, keep watching!

Did the first baby bath in your house and how did it go? Share your stories in the comments below!