How to Get Your Baby to Sleep After Co-Sleeping

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I don’t think there’s a single parent who hasn’t struggled with the issue of how to get your baby to sleep.  I got a question from mom Jennifer who is looking for advice on how to stop co-sleeping with her 15-month-old baby son.  Jennifer writes that he wakes “once or twice a night and screams like crazy if we’re not there.”

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Sleep Solutions for Babies

Jennifer, since you’re sleeping with your baby, I think you have some decisions to make about where you want to end up: in a co-sleeping situation or with your baby in his own bed?  If your goal is to stop co-sleeping, then you have to decide if you’re willing to tolerate any tears as you make this transition. Watch this video for other pieces of advice on baby sleep.

If you dealt with this issue of weaning a child from co-sleeping, please comment below on this blog and share your advice with other moms!

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