How to Front Carry with the Boba 3G Carrier

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Hello my dears… Back today with a demo of how to front carry your baby using the Boba 3G carrier.

In last week’s video on the Boba 3G, I gave you a rundown of all the high-tech yet comfortable features of the Boba. In today’s video, I’m focusing on how to easily carry your baby in the front-facing position using the carrier!  Perfect for grocery shopping, household tasks (when you need your hands free) or even strolling in the park!  (Next up will be how to back carry and breastfeed in the Boba 3G so stay tuned for those as well).

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Front Carrying with the Boba

Once you’ve classed the waistband tightly around your hips and adjusted the other straps, you’re ready to position your baby in the Boba 3G!  Instead of thinking about this activity as placing the baby in the carrier, think of it as positioning the carrier around the baby. Make sure that your infant is carefully nestled against your chest and that her legs are positioned at the correct angle (check out my video and the owner’s manual for more details on the correct positioning). Once settled, you can begin smoothing the baby carrier over your baby, always making sure to keep the head, neck, and back supported, especially with a very young infant. Then, carefully slide your arms through the straps one at a time and easily adjust the tightness of each. Remember, your baby needs to be high and tight!  With those straps secured, your ready to clasp the last buckle behind your neck.

Depending on the age of your baby, her legs can be inside or outside of the carrier. Also, check that your baby enjoys a nice passage of air.  To take your baby out of the carrier, follow the same steps we’ve gone through in the reverse order, always making sure to support your child’s neck and head. Overall, this is a very safe and reliable carrier. I absolutely LOVE how light and comfortable it is. Perfect for any parent of any size! Watch my video for more info and an in-depth demo! Again, thanks for joining me on CloudMom!

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Boba 3G Specs:

Item Weight: 2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 4 inches

Minimum Weight Recommendation: 7.7 pounds

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 44.1 pounds

100% Cotton

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