How to Clean Baby’s Eyes and Clogged Tear Ducts

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Today we’re talking about baby eye crust. This comes from clogged tear ducts in newborns, which is a pretty common phenomenon that usually resolves itself over the course of the first year of a baby’s life. In addition to tips on how to clean a baby’s eyes, I’ll go through my experience with one of my babies who needed a surgical procedure at 15 months to open a clogged duct. He was fine, and once our nerves calmed, so were we!

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Cleaning Clogged Tear Ducts in Newborns

My first baby had super crusty, mucky eyes. In the morning, he couldn’t even open his eyes! They were stuck shut with gook and was unable to see. One of my first questions for my doctor at our one-week appointment was “what do I do with this gross eye gunk??”

Baby eyes are obviously very sensitive and you never want to pick off that yucky crust with your nails. Instead, you’ll want to take sterile cotton or gauze soaked with warm water to gently wipe the eye are until the crust loosens or falls off. In this video, I’ll show you how to do just that! Keep watching!

Do your babies have mucky, crusty eyes? What did you do about them? Weigh in here and thanks for watching!