How to Change a Crib Sheet

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Hello Mamas!

When you have a baby, you’ll be doing a LOT of laundry. And of course, that means you’ll be changing your baby crib sheets pretty often. After all, babies are spit, pee, and poo machines! In this short video, I go through a step-by-step fitted crib sheet tutorial for all you mothers out there! Keep watching for more!

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Easy Way to Change a Crib Sheet

I find that it’s actually easiest for me to take the mattress completely out of the crib’s frame in order to change the sheet!  Otherwise, you are bending over, straining your back, and you can’t get the sheet to fit tightly around the corners of the matters.  After sampling a lot of different types of sheets, I concluded that when it comes to crib sheets, jersey sheets work the best for me.  Since they are very soft and stretchy, they prove perfect for frequent changing!  After you’ve changed the sheet, place the mattress back in the frame all at once  — you’re basically trying to drop it down — so as not to disturb the positioning of the crib skirt (which you may or may not have…).  In this video, I also share a useful tip for keeping your crib skirt in place which involves blue painter’s tape! Keep watching my video for this trick!

Hope this crib sheet tutorial helped! Anybody with some other good advice on changing crib sheets or any other nursery needs? Comment below – I would love to hear from you!