How to Carry a Baby in the Ergobaby Carrier

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Hello Moms and Dads!

Welcome back for another of our Tuesday how-to videos.  Last week, I tackled carrying an infant in the Ergobaby carrier.  Today, I’m taking another look at this classic baby carrier from the perspective of an older baby.  The Ergobaby stays completely true to its name, as it’s one of the most ergonomically-sound carriers on the market.

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How to Carry a Baby in the Ergobaby Carrier

Front Carry with Ergobaby Carrier

The Ergobaby carrier hugs and cradles your baby in the recommended seated position: with their legs spread wide and their knees above their bottom.  Your baby’s weight should remain fully supported along the back of the thighs, their knees bending to allow the lower legs and feet to fall comfortably outside the carrier (as pictured above).

Note that there are three ways to carry your child in the Ergobaby: in the front, at the hip, or on your back. In my previous video, I tackled front carrying your infant with the Ergobaby’s infant insert, the ideal position for newborns and young babies.

In today’s video, I’m showing how to carry an older baby in the front facing position with his legs out.  At four to five months, or when your baby has sufficient spine and neck strength to support their own head, your carrier can be used without the infant insert.

Ergobaby Instructions

After securely buckling the waistband, take hold of your baby and place them in the proper position.


Then, smooth the carrier over its body.  Adjust the arm straps and the buckle in the back to be tight yet comfortable.


Even with his legs out, your baby will still be in the proper squat position so that most of their weight is on their bottom. Most importantly, check to make sure your baby can safely breathe.


Watch my video (and make sure to check your manual) for more visuals and safety tips!

I hope you have enjoyed my Ergobaby carrier demo! Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on this high-end carrier! 

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Ergobaby Carrier Specs

Item Weight: 1.5 lbs
Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 13.4 in.
Minimum Weight Recommendation: 7 lbs.
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 45 lbs.
Machine washable